Brandy Dieterle

Writing Coach

Brandy Dieterle has a Ph.D. in Texts & Technology from the University of Central Florida, which is an interdisciplinary degree. Her research and teaching crosses the intersections of rhetoric, composition, and technical and professional communication through her focus on digital and multimodal rhetorics and pedagogies and gender and identity studies. She teaches a range of writing courses, which includes first-year writing to graduate level editing courses. Additionally, she serves as the Interviews Co-Editor for Kairos: A Journal of Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy.


Languages: English

Why I Love Coaching

I love coaching because of the close collaboration that is involved when coaching writers as I support them throughout their journey. Providing support for writers brings me personal and professional fulfillment and joy. While I enjoy many parts of the writing process, I particularly enjoy the brainstorming and final editing and formatting of the writing process. Brainstorming is such a generative and high excitement activity for me personally, and I love to bring that excitement to others. The close attention to detail required in the editing process is a nice, solitary end to a long project.

Selected Publications

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Peer-Reviewed Articles

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Brandy Dieterle

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