Better Scholarly Writing.

Our PhD trained writing teachers support all aspects of academic writing projects from idea development, to writing and revision, to publication. We focus on developing sustainable writing habits and writing project management systems to support an academic career from graduate school through university leadership. You don’t need a writing coach; you need a writing teacher.

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What We Do

Complete projects, develop a scholarly pipeline, and write to become a leader in your discipline.

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Academic Writing/ Dissertation Coaching

From research design to drafting to defense or publication, we focus on movement and completion of projects.

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University and Publisher Partnerships

Explore our custom-designed support packages of coaching hours or workshops for faculty or dissertation writers

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Academic Writing Project Management

Proactively design a scholarly pipeline or manage stages of long term or collaborative writing projects with us.

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Writing for Academic Leadership Assistance

Work with our academic leadership coaches to craft persuasive job documents, emails, tenure letters, budget justifications, and more.

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An Industry Leader in Academic Writing Support

Founded in 2009, DPL has served individual clients, faculty developers, universities, and publishers in a variety of capacities from one on one and group coaching to workshops. We differ from other writing coaching companies in three distinct ways:

  • Expertise:

    Our PhD trained writing coaches focus on developing both the academic writer and the writing in development. Unlike editors and psychologists, we teach and research scholarly writing for a living and direct and administer writing programs and centers.

  • Scale:

    DPL has more than 20 trained specialists ensuring we match clients and coaches within 24 hours. Additional content is available through our weekly podcast, YouTube channel, and monthly coaching events.

  • Scope:

    We cover all aspects of the writing process for graduate students, faculty, universities, and publishers from idea generation to publication including strategies for project management, navigating writer’s block, dissertations, and revise and resubmits.

Meet our Faculty Coaches

Our coaches have PhDs; are seasoned academic writing instructors; have published extensively; and understand the
contemporary dissertation, academic article, and book genres. We can coach you in developing, designing,
researching, writing, editing and formatting all chapters of your dissertation or book.

What Our Students Say

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