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Dr. Cheryl E. Ball has two decades of experience helping faculty, staff, and students complete their writing projects across a range of disciplines, languages, and media. She consults on article- and book-length publishing, digital humanities projects, open educational resources, open-access author rights, digital preservation, multimodal pedagogy, publishing pedagogy, grant writing, and tenure/promotion portfolios. She particularly enjoys working with authors and editors whose publications require scholarly multimedia and other non-traditional academic content, such as digital dissertations and digital research projects. Her peer-reviewed research on these and related topics is available for free on her personal repository,

From 2004–2017, Ball taught digital rhetoric and publishing at several research universities in the U.S. and served as a Fulbright Scholar at the Oslo School of Architecture and Design in 2013–14, where she taught a dissertation writing course for PhD students for several years. Since 2001, she has had the honor of editing Kairos: Rhetoric, Technology, and Pedagogy—the premier digital journal in writing studies. Her coaching goals are to help authors value their ideas and well-being, work with their embodied words in respectful ways, and ensure their research is accessible and preservable for future readers.


Languages: English

Why I Love Coaching

I love working with people who are excited (if sometimes stalled) on their scholarly work, who understand that neither professional nor personal innovation happens overnight, and who want to prepare their work to be successful and their lives to be more meaningful.

Selected Publications

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Ball, Cheryl E.; Sheppard, Jennifer; & Arola, Kristin L. (2022). Writer/designer: A guide to making multimodal projects, 3rd ed. Bedford/St. Martin’s Press.

Loewe, Drew, & Ball, Cheryl E. (Eds.). (2017). Bad ideas about writing. WVU Libraries, Morgantown, WV: Digital Publishing Institute. [Some chapters cross-published with Inside Higher Ed]

Ball, Cheryl E.; Sheppard, Jennifer; & Arola, Kristin L. (2017). Writer/designer: A guide to making multimodal projects, 2nd ed. Bedford/St. Martin’s Press. Arola, Kristin L.;
Sheppard, Jennifer; & Ball, Cheryl E. (2014). Writer/designer: A guide to making multimodal projects. Bedford/St. Martin’s Press.

Journet, Debra; Ball, Cheryl E.; & Trauman, Ryan. (Eds.). (2012). The new work of composing. Computers and Composition Digital Press/Utah State University Press. [Winner of 2013 Computers & Composition Distinguished Book Award]

Ball, Cheryl E., & Kalmbach, James. (Eds.). (2010). RAW: Reading and writing new media. Hampton Press: Cresskill, NJ.

Cheryl Ball

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