Christine Tulley

President and Executive Writing Coach

Christine Tulley is the owner and president of Defend, Publish & Lead, LLC. She has a PhD in Rhetoric and Writing from Bowling Green State University and graduate certifications in Women’s Studies (Bowling Green State University) and Screen Arts and Cultures (University of Michigan).

She is the founder and director of the MA in Rhetoric and Writing at The University of Findlay and currently directs all faculty writing support, including development of tenure and promotion support materials, faculty writing groups, and individual writing schedules for those who struggle with time management or writer’s block.

Her current research focuses on scholarly writing habits of writing studies faculty, academic time management, and faculty writing support showcased in How Writing Faculty Write: Strategies for Process, Product, and Productivity (2018) and the forthcoming Rhet Comp Moms: What 100 Time Use Diaries Can Teach Us about Parenting, Productivity, and Professionalism. As a past contributor to Inside Higher Education, her advice columns focus on academic productivity strategies, including how to juggle multiple writing projects and craft cohesive tenure and promotion applications. She has also authored multiple articles about writing in multimodal spaces and podcasting in journals such as Computers and Composition and Pedagogy.

Why I Love Coaching

Part of coaching is helping academic writers with the organization of writing pieces, integrating source material effectively, tweaking paragraphs for coherence, and overall writing project management. Though I can coach academic writers in a number of areas, many writers struggle with organizing dissertation chapters as individual chapters yet part of a cohesive project and struggle with how to develop academic paragraphs that make sense while incorporating source material effectively. In addition, many academic writers need help with managing the various parts of a single large writing project like a dissertation or multiple writing projects that need to be worked at the same time. Finally, I’ve been on several search committees for new faculty members and offer coaching for this process, including Zoom interview preparation. If you need help in any of these areas, please request me when you contact Defend & Publish.

Selected Publications


Tulley, Christine. How Writing Faculty Write: Strategies for Process, Product, and Productivity. Utah State University Press. 2018.

Edited Collections

Blair, Kristine, Radhika Gajjala, and Christine Tulley. Webbing Cyberfeminist Practice: Communities, Pedagogies, and Social Action. Hampton Press, 2008.

Peer Reviewed Articles

Tulley, Christine. “Exploring the Multimodal Nature of Flute Girls.” Special issue on “Digital Literacies in the Ancient World.” Classics@. Guest editor Paul Dilley. Fall 2019.

Tulley, Christine. “A Course No One Wants to Teach”: A Brief History of the Undergraduate Writing Methods Course,” Teaching/Writing: The Journal of Writing Teacher Education. 5.1, Article 2. Fall 2016. Available at:

Denecker, Christine, and Christine Tulley. “A Brief History of DMAC (Digital Media and Composition Institute): An Interview with Cindy Selfe and Scott DeWitt.” The Writing Instructor. 2014.

Tulley, Christine. “Migration Patterns: A Status Report on the Transition from Paper to Eportfolios and the Effect on Multimodal Composition Initiatives within First-Year Composition.” Computers and Composition 30.2. June 2013. Winner of the Ellen Nold Award presented annually for the best article in computers and composition studies.

Tulley, Christine. “What Are Preservice Teachers Taught about the Teaching of Writing?: A Survey of Ohio Undergraduate Writing Methods Courses.” Teaching/Writing: The Journal of Writing Teacher Education. 2.1, Article 9. Spring 2013. Available at:

Hampton-Famer, Cheri, and Erin Laverick, Christine Denecker, Nicole Diederich, Christine Tulley, and Tony Wilgus. “Growing a Faculty Writing Group on a Traditionally Teaching-Focused Campus. Journal of Faculty Development 27.1. January 2013. Reprinted in Academic Writing: Individual and Collaborative Strategies for Success (New Forums Press, 2013).

Public Scholarship and Contributions

“Prompting Faculty to Engage with Research Impact.” Inside Higher Education. May 23, 2023.

“Making the Most of Your Research Promotion Team.” Inside Higher Education. June 28, 2019.

“It’s July. Have You Started Writing Yet?” Inside Higher Education. July 11, 2018.

“Telling Your Tenure Story.” Inside Higher Education. April 12, 2018.

“The Importance of Year 2 on the Tenure Track.” Inside Higher Education. January 2, 2018.

“Computers and Composition 20/20: A Conversation Piece or What Some Very Smart People Have to Say about the Future.” Computers and Composition 28.4. December 2011. Special issue “Composition 20/20: How the Future of the Web Could Sharpen the Teaching of Writing,” guest edited by Randall McClure and Janice Walker.

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