Craig A. Meyer

Writing Coach

Craig A. Meyer earned his PhD from Ohio University with a focus on Rhetoric and Composition. He earned two master’s degrees from Missouri State University: Composition and Rhetoric and Creative Nonfiction. His research is diverse and covers many areas such as ethos, histories of rhetoric, dysfluency studies, creative writing, political discourse, and corruption in higher education. He’s published numerous articles and book chapters in various disciplines, but he’s drawn to popular culture projects that expand on our understanding of the Star Trek universe. He’s also a teacher/scholar with many presentations and workshops. Part of his skillset focuses on the pragmatics of writing and comprehension as well as the mental and emotional toll of scholarly work. He’s also edited and indexed several books, been a peer reviewer for national journals, and a tutor in writing centers.


Languages: English

Why I Love Coaching

I enjoy being a coach for several reasons. Most notably I like to learn! Working with scholars on various projects keeps me in step with new ways of thinking and different perspectives. Coaching keeps me grounded and engaged. And it’s fun! Watching a piece come together and being part of the process is very rewarding for me. I know what it’s like to face the challenges, internal and external, to completing a degree, an article, or even a book.

Selected Publications

Taking Lessons from Silent Spring: Using Environmental Literature for Climate Change” in Literature 1.1. (2021) Requested by EIC for Special Issue (Sept. 2021).

“Understanding Student Needs During a Pandemic” in Double Helix (vol. 8). (Jan. 2021).

“The Evolution of Imitation: Building Your Style” in Writing Spaces , vol. 3. (Apr. 2020)

Craig A. Meyer

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