Jasen Melnick

Website and Social Media Coach

Jasen is a content creation and web writing specialist at Defend, Publish & Lead and is Fizz’s creative mastermind, steady hand, and resident typography expert. Having studied at The University of Akron and abroad in Holland, Switzerland, and Italy, Jasen strongly believes in constantly pushing his creativity in new ways to create innovative solutions for his clients. Jasen is like Don Draper, the intellectual thinker, the sketcher, the creative.

Beneath his brooding intensity is a very thoughtful and insightful guy. He doesn’t say much in meetings but what he does say is always on point.

When he isn’t sketching, you can usually find him working in his garden, obsessing over his fig trees, or training for his next marathon.


Languages: English; German; Italian (speaking)

Why I Love Coaching

I understand the importance of crafting a message that not only tells your story but also positions you as subject matter experts in your industry. I work closely with clients to help identify their unique selling points, key messages, and target audience, then use this information to create engaging and informative website copy. By doing so, I help clients attract attention, build credibility, and ultimately drive conversions.

Jasen Melnick

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