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Lars is a tenured Associate Professor at Western Oregon University, where he directs the Technical and Professional Writing program and chaired the English department from 2019-2023. His research focuses on writing, publishing, and editing strategies, UX research design, and technical writing administration. He has published in College Composition and Communication, Pedagogy, The Journal of Technical Writing and Communication, IEEE Transactions on Professional Communication, and numerous edited collections.

But some of his happiest times were tutoring at Purdue’s Writing Lab as a PhD student, where he created the Online Writing Lab (OWL)’s primer on creating and delivering professional presentations, co-wrote their APA style guide, and most importantly had regular sessions with an international student from India, mentoring the student on a Statement of Purpose essay that ultimately got him accepted into the London School of Economics.

Why I Love Coaching

I love to learn what is holding a client’s project back and to work with them on a new approach to make their life easier. That might mean identifying bottlenecks in writing or research, or discovering the habits and conditions that help the client enjoy the process as they finish the project.

I have come by my own insights the hard way: my thesis and dissertation were finished a term late, and it took me several years to get into the groove of academic publishing as a professor. But those challenges I have had, and the imposter syndrome they gave me, led me to insights about what makes writers tick and the strategies that work best for them.

I have since published about those strategies in some of the foremost writing studies journals with my writing partner Dr. Jaci Wells, and am now co-publishing a book with Jaci and Dr. Christine Tulley, President of Defend and Publish. Together, clients and I find sustainable ways for them to complete their work without driving themselves crazy.

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Lars Soderlund

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