Lilian Mina

Senior Writing Coach

Lilian Mina has a Ph.D. in Composition and TESOL from Indiana University of Pennsylvania, an MA in TESOL from the American University in Cairo, and a Certificate in Teaching Business Writing from University of South Carolina. She researches digital writing, especially multimodal composing and using social media in the writing classroom, and multilingual student writers. She has experience with qualitative, mixed-method, and digital research methods. She has extensive experience teaching graduate and undergraduate students, working with multilingual students, and supervising graduate theses and portfolios.

Lilian enjoys mentoring junior scholars by helping them a) understand and be comfortable with their writing style, b) deconstruct their writing situation, including purpose, audience, and genre, c) set writing goals that fit their style and the current writing situation, and d) create a feasible plan to achieve those goals successfully.  Lilian has won awards in teaching, research, and professional development from Indiana University in Pennsylvania. Her work appears in edited collections from Computers and Composition Digital Press, the WAC Clearinghouse, and Utah State University Press, and in journals, such as Computers and Composition and Composition Forum. She reviews submission to a number of academic journals and national conferences. Her most recent work, Toward More Sustainable Metaphors of Writing Program Administration, focuses on data diversity to develop arguments.


Languages: Arabic and English

Why I Love Coaching

What I enjoy about coaching is seeing my clients cross the finish line whatever that may look like: getting a prospectus ready, defending a dissertation, getting an article manuscript accepted for publication, or any other academic or professional finish line they have.

My favorite part about coaching is when I see clients make a breakthrough with their work and get a large task crossed off their list. Many clients struggle with time, support, resources, self-confidence, or organization. Some struggle with more than one of these issues at the same time, and I enjoy helping them deal with their challenges and get to the other side of things. More importantly, I like working with clients to develop more successful writing habits and practices that would serve them beyond a single project.

I coach academics working on all kinds of writing, research, and publishing projects. I also work with academic going into the job market and need to update and organize their materials: CV, cover letters, DEI statement, research statement, teaching philosophy. I offer guidance on every document in their application packet as well as mock interview practice. For junior faculty, I coach them on preparing a compelling tenure and promotion packet.

As a faculty administrator and national leader in my field, I enjoy working with academic administrators and leaders as they plan their career trajectory: apply for leadership positions, prepare administration philosophy statements, and re-positioning their work for a leadership role.

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Lilian Mina

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