Writing for Writing Program Administration

Experienced Writing Program Administrators, Writing Center Directors, and Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinators Are Here to Help.

A key speciality at Defend, Publish & Lead is helping clients develop documents for writing program administration, writing across the curriculum initiatives, and writing centers. Below is a list of typical services we offer.

First-Year Writing Curriculum Revision

  • Updating the students learning outcomes (SLOs)

    • Using national guidelines in writing SLOs

    • Using recent research in writing SLOs
  • Using the institutional context in writing SLOs
  • Building consensus around those outcomes
  • Revising the curriculum to achieve the new SLOs
  • Piloting the new curriculum
  • Assessing the new curriculum
  • Limited curriculum revision based on assessment results


Comprehensive approach to TFT at the program-level: curriculum development, faculty development, GTA training, and assessment

Conceptualizing the transfer of the Teaching for Transfer (TfT)  curriculum from a single course to an entire program

Reconfiguring the Composition Practicum to prepare graduate teaching assistants (GTAs)  to teach the TFT curriculum

Designing writing programmatic assessment of the TFT curriculum

Creating a professional development program on the teaching of reflection and transfer


Multimodal pedagogy professional development

  • Identifying needs and challenges
  • Conceptualizing the program
  • Designing the program: theoretical, pedagogical, and technological aspects
  • Implementing the program both in-person and asynchronously
  • Assessing the effectiveness of the program


Social justice and multimodality

  • Considerations for social justice work
  • Translating those considerations into intentional pedagogical choices
  • Selecting readings and writing assignments
  • The role of multimodality in social justice work


Micro-credential programs in technical communication

  • Researching and documenting institutional context and needs
  • Proposing a micro-credential program
  • Designing the program: learning outcomes, courses, assessment, community partnerships
  • Developing new courses
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